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Hello there! I'm Allee. I’m a graphic designer and illustrator. I'm based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I’m always taking inspiration from everywhere, past and present! I'm passionate about merging beauty and function in design.

In my spare time, you can find me collecting antique furniture, baking and buying outrageous amounts of skincare.

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    This redesign of the Soupstock festival marketing materials aims to bring this niche festival to a wider audience.

    image of illustrated people surrounding a giant soup bowl
    image of illustrated vegetables

    This festival has a wholesome, DIY and fun vibe. To reflect this, the graphics are hand rendered, with a natural and muted colour palette. The motifs are whimsical and simplistic to be recognizable from a distance.

    A poster for the Soupstock festivalThe new Soupstock rebrand extends to their website and socials.

    The website redesign allows viewers to learn more about their unique backstory, listen to the music of that year’s lineup, save and share soup recipes (with the previous year’s winners being featured) and apply to volunteer.

    The same illustrative elements are used in their socials for brand unity and their content is more interactive. The winners of the soup contest are shared after the festival to encourage more people to enter next year.

    An image of the website landing page for Soupstock

    An image of phone screens featuring Soupstock instagram posts

    The posters would be placed around areas that the target audience would be in, such as the Exchange District, Osbourne Village and Corydon. They would also be placed at venues such as the Handsome Daughter and the Park Theatre. Another form of outdoor advertising would be a mural of the main Soupstock illustration.

    An image of Soupstock posters posted in an outdoor area

    An image of the Soupstock main illustration as a mural
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    Boloto is a game, based on Eastern European mythology. The objective is to attract mythological creatures to your swamp. It is an idle game, which progresses when you spend time away from the app. When you open the app, you may find a surprise.

    Image of ipad and iphone screen featuring Boloto game Image of Boloto wireframes

    The default swamp does not contain embellishments. Low-level creatures are randomly attracted to the swamp at this stage in the game. This allows the user to begin collecting gold coins, the game’s currency. The coins are spent on decor, food, charms and swamp upgrades in the shop, which attracts higher- level creatures. Certain items can attract specific creatures, while others attract any of certain levels. Higher-level creatures give higher amounts of coins.

    Image of three screens featuring Boloto gameplay
    Images of Boloto gameplay at differen times of day
    Image of the Boloto site map

    There is a total of 20 collectible creatures. Alkonost, Bolotnitsa and Rusalka are examples of creatures that you can find in the game. Multiples of the same creature can appear in the swamp and have slightly differing appearances (such as hair or dress colour). More creatures and items are launched on special occasions and holidays.

    Image of person holding a phone featuring Boloto gameplay

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    Rescue Siamese is a non-profit rescue for Siamese cats. This rebrand aims to create a friendly, clean and unified brand identity.

    The light version of the Rescue Siamese logo
    The dark version of the Rescue Siamese logo

    The Rescue Siamese mug is received in a gift bag by frequent volunteers and those who adopt a cat. It features the primary brand colours and the logo.

    Image of a mug featuring the Rescue Siamese logo

    The tote bag features a large brand illustration. This tote is given to new owners and contains a week’s worth of food for the new pet, a mug, a toy, a package containing vet checks and locally sourced treats for both new owner and pet.

    Image of a totebag featuring the Rescue Siamese logo

    The desktop homepage of Rescue Siamese features the toolkit photography, iconography, typography and colour palette.

    Image of Macbook featuring the Rescue Siamese landing page

    The design of the Rescue Siamese site is responsive. The mobile app allows for users to have consistent updates about new adoptable cats, fostering and volunteering opportunities.

    Image of an ipad and iphone featuring Rescue Siamese screens

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    This cover of The Walrus celebrates Dr Kathleen Martinez's ongoing search for Cleopatra VII Philopator's tomb.

    Image of the Cleopatra Walrus magazine cover

    The lotuses around Cleopatra represent her rebirth if she is discovered. Their stems represent the tunnels where her tomb may be located. Dr Kathleen Martinez is the small blue figure inching toward Cleopatra.

    An image of the print version of the Cleopatra Walrus cover

    The illustration style is inspired by art deco motifs, reflecting the era's fascination with Ancient Egypt after the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb. The colour palette is inspired by the iron oxide clay paints used in Ancient Egyptian art.

    An image of the Walrus magazine on a blue background

    An image of a Walrus print on a wall above a couch

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    This Google Doodle celebrates Anna Pavlova, a Russian Prima Ballerina who lived from 1881-1931 and is one of the most famous ballerinas in history.

    A Google Doodle of Anna Pavlova

    In the illustration, Anna is dancing atop her namesake Pavlova cake. An asymmetric balance is created between the large cake and the significantly smaller figure. The analogous colour scheme unifies the dancer to the cake, while the background is set in a complimentary colour wash to create contrast. Google is built out of chocolate instead of the pink, red and pale yellow of the cake and figure to promote legibility.

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    This redesign of The Warmth of Other Suns book cover aims to connect with its target audience. The audience is identified as adults from 25-45, with a post secondary educational background. Potential readers would typically have prior knowledge in social and economic issues regarding race and class.

    The cover flat of the Warmth of Other Suns

    The jacket reflects the plot without being overly contrived. The audience would appreciate the subtle nods to the plot, minimalistic style and unique cover.

    The title text sweeps upward to represent the northward movement of the Great Migration.

    The title text resembles newspaper clippings from the era, as black-owned newspapers like the Chicago Defender sparked the migration. The jacket and the author’s photo have a print texture to emphasize the deep connection of these newspapers to the plot.

    On the back cover, the word other repeats thrice to represent the three protagonists of this novel. They are united in their otherness, but the different typefaces and cases represent their vastly different lives and experiences despite all participating in the Great Migration.

    Although the golden yellow of the background reflects the warmth of the title, it is a more relevant reflection of the triumph of the Great Migration.
    An image of the Warmth of Other Suns books propped up
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